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Renew Yourself with Massage Therapy

Massage therapy now available at Earley Wellness Group in Dupont Circle

People get massages for a variety of reasons: to pamper themselves, to relieve stress and even to treat pain and illness. Because we've found massage to be an effective addition to our wellness services, Earley Wellness Group has recently added a massage therapist. And massages make fantastic Valentine's Day gifts!

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Spring, the Liver, and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Spring, the Liver, and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Spring is not just a time to clean and refresh your home, but also a great opportunity to rejuvenate and cleanse your body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), spring is associated with the Wood element, which refers to growth and nourishment in the human body.

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Summertime Foods

Fruits and Vegetables: Acupuncture Dupont Circle

As the weather grows warmer we often become more active and participate in a variety of outdoor activities. An ideal summer diet is light and filled with fresh foods with high water content, and brightly colored with summer fruits and vegetables.

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