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Integrating massage and acupuncture for deeper, more resonant treatment results

acupuncture and massage

Acupuncture and massage are powerful vehicles for promoting a state of balance, flow, and wellbeing in the body. The two modalities go hand in hand, and using both together enhances the effectiveness of each, resulting in a more complete treatment.

Massage leaves the body more relaxed and receptive, which makes the acupuncture more powerful. At the same time, the more blockages that acupuncture dissolves, the more the body relaxes and the more effective massage becomes.

When one part of your body moves, changes, or experiences stress, every other part of the body shares in the compensation process. This system of balance is made possible thanks to our amazing connective tissue structure. This brilliant system is crucial in maintaining our homeostasis, but it also means that when your neck is tense, so are your feet!

When experiencing releases in tension, we often attribute that release to our muscles only. They are indeed releasing, however much of the new “free” feelings we experience are made possible by the increased hydration of our fascia. Fascia is 70% water and wraps around each and every muscle fiber and organ in our bodies. The rest is made up of collagen and elastin, which provide fascia its structure and elasticity.

The Nature of fluid is to find the path of least resistance. When areas of the body become tense through stress and repetitive motion, we know that a blockage has appeared which is not allowing for the healing effects of hydration to enter the area. Both acupuncture and massage promote the releasing of blockages, essentially opening the flood gates to areas that were previously unable to receive the profusion they needed.

When these are received in tandem, the effects of both modalities can have a greater resonance on the system, and offer a quicker pathway to results.

Consider adding massage and acupuncture treatments to your regular preventative healthcare routine and let us help you keep your body bright, flowing, and vibrant. Contact Earley Wellness today to find out more.

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