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Attaining and Maintaining Your Balance with Acupuncture

Inside of you in an intelligent, energetic system that maintains balance. Einstein showed us that everything is made of, and radiates, energy. This subtle form of energy supports, shapes and enlivens our physical body and activates our lives.

Qi is matter on the verge of becoming energy, or energy at points materializing.

For the past 5,000 years, practitioners of acupuncture have called this intelligent energy Qi (pronounced "chee"). Numerous cultures have described this energy and called it by many names: prana, braka, pneuma, spirit, wakan, material force, vital force, orgone, ether and ruach.

Qi is the vital energy in all living lings, from the tallest tree to the smallest cell. Qi is a combination of energies, mixed together from our food, air and inherited constitution.

Qi provides the power to accomplish everyday activities. It is necessary for growth, development, movement, maintenance of body temperature, protection against illness and disease, and overall regulation of the body. Our health is influenced by the quality, quantity and balance of Qi.

Ancient practitioners said, "When Qi gathers, the physical body is formed; when Qi disperses, the body passes on."

Qi is the root of a human being. It is the basis of all phenomena in the universe.

Meridians: Rivers Where Qi Flows

Meridians are like rivers inside the body. Whenever a river flows, it carries water that provides nourishment and sustenance for life on our planet. Similarly, meridians are the rivers where Qi flows inside of us.

Qi flows through meridians as an invisible current, energizing, nourishing and supporting every cell, tissue, muscle, organ and gland.

Health is Wholeness and Balance

Health is an inner resiliency that allows you to meet the demands of life. Being in a state of health helps you thrive in the face of environmental, physical, emotional and mental stress.

When Qi is balanced and flowing freely, the body's natural self-healing abilities are activated, enabling internal stability and harmony to occur. The body will flourish, and true health and well being can be achieved.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

How Stress and Qi Interact

The stresses of daily life affect the quality and flow of Qi. Different stresses affect meridians and organs in different ways, disrupting or blocking Qi flow.

If a garden hose is blocked, it can not provide an adequate supply of water to a plant. Eventually, the plant will be unable to thrive, grow and blossom. Likewise, a blockage of the meridians will restrict the supply of Qi required to nourish and support the cells, tissues, muscles, organs and glands.

This blockage can manifest into various signs and symptoms. Over time, the body as a whole becomes weakened, and its self-healing abilities are compromised. Eventually, it becomes susceptible to pain, disease and ill health.

The Role of Acupuncture

An acupuncturist views each individual as a dynamic, integrated whole, observing how signs and symptoms weave together in order to understand the core energetic profile of a person's health.

Once the problem affecting the flow of Qi has been detected and corrected, the intelligent, energetic, self-healing powers within the body begin restoring health and balance to our lives.

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