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New Year, New Practitioners!

Meet Steph Bean, our new massage therapist! 

She will be working Monday mornings and Friday afternoons to start with.  

Steph Bean completed both the 600 hour professional massage therapy training program at Potomac Massage Training Institute in DC and earned her Associate's Degree in Health Education from Montgomery College in Rockville, MD in 2005.

Since then, she has actively worked in the massage field with clients from many backgrounds and ability levels, from athletes of all ages, to those with complex medical conditions. She has experience working with healthy clients before, during, and after pregnancy.  She has worked with cancer survivors, those with chronic disease or pain, and clients with diminished physical and mental capacities, up to and including hospice care.

She values treating every client in a way that preserves their autonomy and dignity, while providing opportunities for healthy touch and encouraging sustainable health positive behaviors in a friendly way.  

In her personal life, Steph is a mom to three kids, one grown and two still at home with her spouse and two cats.  She is actively involved in volunteer work with school, faith community, and other community organizations, with a special love for improving relationship and parenting communication and skill building.  Interests include hiking, martial arts, lazy gardening, reading, and anything that helps young boys burn off extra energy.

Specialty Training and Experience:

  • Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques - 600 hour professional program of Potomac Massage Training Institute
  • In Depth Intro to Oncology Massage by Lauren Muser Cates of the Society for Oncology Massage
  • Assessment and treatment of Headaches by Dr. Ben Benjamin
  • Neuromuscular therapy of the torso/pelvis and shoulder by NMT Center
  • Acupressure for Stress Relief and Great Central Channel by Soul Lightening International
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy – 700 hour foundational training (anticipated completion in early 2019) by Heartwaves Healing Institute


Meet Shawna, our new acupuncturist!

Shawna is certified in fertility enhancement, has advanced training in PTSD and mental-emotional disorders, advanced training in Chinese dietary therapy, is certified in common pediatric conditions, has advanced training in allergies and auto immune disorders, advanced training in pain management, advanced training in facial acupuncture, and has advanced training in the therapeutic use of essential oils.

Shawna’s personal experience with acupuncture changed the course of her life. As a teenager living with a severe case of dysmenorrhea, she assumed painkillers like Percoset, Vicodin, and Advil were the only way to combat the debilitating symptoms she experienced every month, until she tried acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

With nothing else to lose, at 18 years old, Shawna scheduled an acupuncture appointment and began to feel refreshed after every treatment. She didn’t expect drastic changes but within two months of weekly treatments, she reduced her Western medications by half. By three months she was pain-free. Miracle, no. This was the powerful effect of acupuncture.

Shawna graduated in 2002 from the University of Vermont in Burlington with a degree in Women's Health and Botanical Medicine and a minor in Art History.

While a pre-med undergraduate student at the University of Vermont, she created a program to give low-income HIV patients access to complementary and alternative medicine at little or no cost. For the program, she interviewed a diverse group including massage therapists, reiki practitioners, yogis, and acupuncturists. During this time, she gravitated toward the acupuncturists, asking them questions about their career, family life, and overall happiness. They all sang the praises of their decision to become an acupuncturist.

As a pre-med student, Shawna’s initial intention was to continue on to medical school. Feeling undecided she asked her father, a prominent neurologist, what she should do. He told her Western medicine had changed since he entered the profession. He saw 50 patients per day, only spending ten quality minutes with each, and was under the thumb of HMO’s constantly being summoned to court by insurance companies. He finished his rant by telling her to follow the path that will make her most happy. 

Considering her “miraculous” experience with acupuncture, Shawna followed the footsteps of her future colleagues who had attended the New England School of Acupuncture in Boston. There, she studied and contributed 1,200+ hours of hands on clinical instruction. Since then, Shawna has been in practice for eleven years.

Shawna believes in a ladder of intervention when it comes to non-emergent health care. Allow your body a chance to heal on its own by: 

  1. Improving your diet 
  2. Exercising regularly
  3. Practicing stress relief 
  4. Sleeping at least 8 hours nightly

If you need further help or guidance the assistance of an acupuncturist, massage therapist, chiropractor, nutritionist, or counselor may be helpful.

If this is still not enough then conventional Western treatment such as pharmaceuticals and/or surgery may be necessary. Often times, a combination of these modalities works best for your mind, body, and spirit.

Shawna takes great care in making sure that her patients are comfortable with the treatment plan. To foster your acupuncture treatment, she will outline a custom-tailored treatment strategy including estimated number of visits, specific exercises or stretching techniques, and Chinese dietary therapy including recipes and stress relief practices.

She encourages patients to take action in their own healing process as this is a key component towards faster recovery. Shawna is licensed by the District of Columbia Department of Health and certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

Shawna's specialties include:

If you are interested in meeting with Shawna or Steph, contact Earley Wellness Group today.

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