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A Time to Pause and Reset


Earley Wellness Group has decided, once again, to pause our practice. 

Based on science, and the reported 200,000 new positive cases in the last 5 days we believe that it will reach us sooner than later.   Great local leadership still makes our metro area safe, and because of questionable national leadership and coordination, we still see enormous concern by early fall. 

Once again, we are putting our practice on hold starting July 18, 2020.  We are leading by example.  Our deepest hope is that you -- and all who hear that we are taking this action -- heed the seriousness of the situation.

We ask that you keep wearing masks, minimize physical contact with others, and tend to our own health.  We don't need to wait for a new round of announcements from local or national officials to continue taking precautions designed to tamp down the spread of the coronavirus.

We are committed to servicing the D.C. community.  We will open again as soon as it is safe. And, we will be providing telehealth to those who want support.  During this temporary closure, we will not have personal to process insurance.  We will provide receipts and you will need to submit insurance for yourself.  If you want to know more information on telehealth please contact us.

Health Blessings,

The Earley Wellness Group

** New Patients - If you have not been seen by a practitioner by July 2nd, then we believe you need to start with a new practitioner

** Current Patients - all of the appointments after July 18th will be canceled for you.  We do believe it is still safe in the Metro area thru July.  So if you want to be seen before we take this pause please move your schedule forward.

Please Contact Us with any questions.

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