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Lower Holiday Stress with Acupuncture

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‘Tis the season for stress and headaches. While the holiday season is usually meant for holly and jolly many of us run into stress and frustration. Let's talk about the ways that acupuncture and Chinese medicine can contribute to lowering your stress during the holiday season so that you can more enjoy the time and people and places so well-known during the holiday season.

When it comes to acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, it is vital to take into account the whole person. If an individual’s emotions are out of balance, the body’s functions will be, too. That is why we use treatments to help balance the body’s organ system to help alleviate someone’s stress.

Acupuncture is one great way to help you manage your stress and protect you from permanent health damage. Even though you may not be able to avoid stress, you do have the power to manage stress better so that it can’t build up, hurt you internally, and turn into serious health issues.

In addition to enlisting help from your local acupuncturist – if they are unavailable – you can incorporate some of the below habits to help with stress relief this holiday season.

  1. Connect yourself to nature. Though it may be colder to go outside this time of year, connecting with nature is a key practice to alleviate stress. By connecting to energy outside of yourself by spending more time outdoors you can help alleviate stress. When you feel anger inside, go outside and breathe in the fresh air. Let the cold air awaken your face and energize your body. Absorb positive energy. By doing this, you gain the perspective of playing a small, yet integral part within the greatness of the universe. This will release stress and give you new strength.
  2. Engage in physical activity. Regular practices of going for a walk, jogging, and biking allow you to get outdoors, getting fresh air and sunshine. You can also let out some endorphins even if your physical activity is confined to a gym.
  3. Learn at home meditation and yoga techniques. Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, and Qi Gong, for example, help to train your body physically as well as allow you to be in more in tune to your emotions. Deep breathing will make your body more balanced and calm; exhale negative energy and inhale fresh air and energy.
  4. Engage in social activities. Stress can cause sadness and depression which can cause people to close themselves off. When this happens, you need to make the choice to go out and keep your scheduled appointments and social engagements. Talking with friends will release the stagnation from your body and mind. You can even sign up to volunteer, by helping others you can reduce your stress.
  5. Take time for a hobby. Whatever you enjoy: walking, swimming, reading, listening to music, going to dance class, fishing, golfing. Do it regularly. But it should be something active for your body or mind. Inactive pastimes– like watching television or playing video games, surfing the internet–may seem relaxing, but they can actually increase stress long term. Keep time spent on those passive activities to a minimum.
  6. Work on your sense of humor! When you laugh, you are happier and so are others around you. Be generous with your positive energy and others will be there to help you when you need it.

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