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Why Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Should Be Apart of Your Spring Cleaning

Ten Tips for Spring Self-Cleaning

Spring is a season of awakening and of new beginnings. Making healthy choices that will carry you through the seasons is important this time of year. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Embrace yourself honestly.

Assess the various aspects of your life, see where the stressors and weaknesses exist. Are they in your diet, exercise program, work or relationships? Focus on the ones that need improvement, and begin moving away from the ones that detract from your life.

2. Examine personal relationships.

︎Inclu︎de ︎you︎r significant other, friends, or relati︎ves.︎ ︎Think︎ abou︎t how︎ ︎you︎ aff︎ect each other and what you can do to make each relationship more meaningful.

3. Choose to change habits

Perhaps you want to be more positive, exercise or move more, or give up junk food. Do you need help or can you do this on your own? It may be easier to make changes with support from others.

4. Clean and organize.

Clear out the old and bring in the new. Take a look at your possessions and give away or recycle anything that doesn’t serve a good purpose. You may be surprised at how much lighter and happier you feel when you’ve cleaned and freshened up each area of your home.

5. Get active.

Work more exercise or movement into your day to improve your health and reduce stress. Walk around your neighborhood, try a yoga class, go dancing, take a walk at lunch time, or ride your bike someplace new.

6. Make positive choices.

Think about what you take in every day with your eyes, ears, and heart. Consider the things that make you feel your best such as beautiful music, energetic friends, and inspirational art. Consider taking a break from TV, news, violent movies, and stressful people.

7. Feel your best.

Assess your emotional well- being. Take an honest look at your moods and emotions. Find the cause of the disharmony, and make a conscious choice to change. Many factors, from diet and digestive health to learned behavior, can ha︎ve an in︎fluence on ︎mood and energy︎ level.

8. Try a Detox Program.

You may want to try a 1 to 3 week detox program during the spring. Choose a program that works for you whether it’s a juice cleansing, fasting, cutting out dairy or refined s︎ugars, or a ︎more in︎-depth detox diet. Talk to your acupuncturist for helpful information about how︎ to approach the detox process. Always consult a health professional before beginning any cleanse or fast.

9. Consider Chinese herbs.

Y︎ou m︎ight find Chinese herbs helpf︎ul for boosting your immunity and overall health. Talk with your acupuncturist to learn how Chinese herbs can support your health. Your acupuncturist may also suggest other Western herbs, as well. Finally, remember to drink plenty of water and green

10. Commit to a plan.

Consider what you want out of life, from your health, habits, and relationships to your career and work. Create a plan to achieve these goals. Most importantly, remember to be nurturing and kind to yourself as you commit to making positive changes in your life.

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