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Reiki for Emotional Balance in Dupont Circle

Reiki Healing

Do you ever feel out of balance, stressed or anxious or have low energy? Years of stress, anxiety, and pain may be holding you back. Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) could be the key to restoring your zest for life.

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful treatment that brings us back into balance physically and emotionally.   When we are in greater balance, our system runs better; we tend to sleep and digest better, have better immunity, experience less pain and are more resilient to stress. 

Reiki has many benefits including stress relief, increased energy, and improved mood. During Reiki sessions, a Reiki practitioner uses light touch techniques. Reiki puts the patient in a deeply relaxed state where stress and anxiety melt away.

Wendy Taylor, an acupuncturist and Reiki Master, is providing treatment services at Earley Wellness Group.  For more information on Reiki and sessions, check out https://www.earleywellnessgroup.com/reiki/index.php. Click here to set up an appointment.

In addition, Wendy teaches Reiki classes to empower you to use this powerful self-care tool on yourself and your loved ones, including your pets.  She has a couple spots left in her class this Sunday, October 1, 2017.  Learn more and register for the class here

Here are some ways Reiki may help you:

1 Mood Improvement and Long Term Well Being

Wendy works with many clients and Reiki students who are experiencing anxiety or depression, and they report feeling much calmer and more balanced after receiving Reiki.  One study set out to quantify this impact. Two groups were measured for levels of depression and anxiety while undergoing regular guided meditations, one group received Reiki during the meditation and one did not. The group that received Reiki not only measured much lower for anxiety and depression but even showed improved results over a long period of time following the sessions. 

2 Pain Relief

Chronic pain is often the result of tightness and stress held in a certain part of the body. Reiki deeply relaxes the body and the mind, which allows this muscle tension to release.  By helping ease your body’s response to stress and restoring balance, Reiki can be helpful with your chronic pains.

3 Reduced Stress

Our modern environment puts most of us in a state of stress due to the constant pressure of our jam-packed schedules. Stress is something that evolved to help us survive life and death situations in the wild, not something we should live with all the time.  Reiki can serve as a reset, restoring your body’s ability to relax.

As one client reported, “I came for a Reiki session with Wendy during an especially stressful time at work.  When I left, I felt like myself again.  I felt very relaxed and balanced like I'd had a vacation.  I immediately signed up for a series of sessions because I felt it was so beneficial.”

4 Increased Energy

A study on the levels of fatigue in cancer patients who were given regular Reiki treatments showed not only a better overall quality of life but a significant decrease in fatigue. Deep fatigue is a horrible side effect to most cancer treatments, but not only cancer patients suffer from low energy.

How many times have you come home from work or finally got the kids to sleep only to feel too tired to do something for yourself? Overall energy for life is so important for long-term happiness. By restoring your balance, regular Reiki treatments can help you feel like your energetic self again.

Getting Started

Curious whether Reiki can help you? Set up an appointment with Wendy at the Earley Wellness Group on Dupont Circle in Washington, DC.

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