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Your Body as a Garden

Gardening Gives Illustration of TCM

The concept of gardening gives us an excellent illustration for the theories behind Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture. Imagine you are a gardener whose job it is to help a garden thrive. To help nature along, you must provide necessities such as water and fertilizer. You must make sure plants receive the right amount of sun, and you must weed out any undesirable elements. Gardening takes time and effort, but the reward is a beautiful, healthy garden, abundant with flowers and vegetables.

Your body is just like a garden, and my work with you as an acupuncturist and herbalist helps serve the gardener. I will work closely with you to strengthen and balance your internal garden. By taking your whole self into account, I can help identify - and weed out - any imbalances that could cause problems.

Our goal is to learn how to cultivate and support your inner garden. My goal is to nurture your inner ecosystem so that it can flourish - and you can enjoy health and harmony.

Nurturing Your Garden

Acupuncture isn't a "quick fix". It does, though, provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to nourish the garden within.

Your participation in the process is essential. After all, you wouldn't simply plant seeds in the ground and expect them to bloom unattended. It's the same with your health. Working with me and committing to long-term care can create positive changes for your overall health.

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