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We are REOPENING - June 11th


Now that the Mayor is moving the city into the phases of re-opening, we are beginning our own phased re-opening.

  • Deb will begin seeing patients on Thursday, June 11.
  • Jim will begin seeing patients on Monday, June 15.

Shawna, we are sad to say, has decided she will not return to the office, as she prepares to move her family overseas at the end of the summer. We will miss Shawna and her family. Jim and Deb want to take good care of Shawna’s patients. If you are a current client of Shawna’s, Jim and Deb are glad to see you. You can pick based on acupuncture specialty or the practitioners' work hours. If you want to have a consult to determine who is the best practitioner for you, we are glad to help you.  

The following is information about our practitioners:  

  • Deb - Fertility, Pain, Transformational and Stress-related health concerns, 
  • Jim - Cancer, Pain, Transformational and Stress-related health concerns

COVID-19 Safety: We are working to reduce risk, as you will read below. And, if you have questions about either your own treatment or your ability to minimize transmission, we want to hear from you.

*New* Protocols at Earley Wellness Group

Pre Screening: We will be asking you whether you have been exposed to COVID over the past 2 weeks, or have any COVID-type symptoms. If you answer “yes” to any of those questions, you will be asked to re-schedule. 

Temperature and Oxygen: We will take your temperature and oxygen levels, and ask you to wash your hands.

Masks: Wear masks when you enter the building – and keep them on for your entire visit including during treatment.

No More Sheets: Your clothing will help keep you comfortable on the tables now.  Wear or bring clothes that allow for needling on the lower leg, stomach, and forearm -- shorts, sweatpants, and front-buttoning shirts. We will no longer provide sheets for draping.

Social Distancing: No one will be permitted to congregate in our waiting room. All patients will be taken immediately into a treatment room.  Do not arrive more than 10 minutes early.  Do not bring family members or health aides. Only one parent with children, please, who will also need to have their temperature taken and answer questions about symptoms.

Hands-free payment: We are working on a touch-less payment and our goal is to create as contactless an environment as possible.


  1. Detailed disinfection procedures are in place before, during, and after your visit.
  2. Checklists for cleaning will be posted around the office to ensure cleaning.
  3. All staff will go through a cleaning and safety protocol training before they can work with clients.

We value your partnership. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Health Blessings!!

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