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Happy New Year from Earley Wellness!

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Throughout this season, and as we move into a new (and hopefully better) year, we wish you moments of peace amid the difficulties, connections with family and friends even if they cannot be in person, the warmth of memories from holidays past, and wonderful glimpses of the joy that still lives under the surface! We hope this new year brings you peace and prosperity.

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Watch and Vote For My Safety Video!


My video is in the ASA-NCCAOM video voting contest 2020 for the best safety video and I would love it if my patients voted for me. This video explains how I am keeping clients safe in my acupuncture practice, Earley Wellness, during the global COVID pandemic.

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Crisis, Danger, and Opportunity


We are all challenged every day, with almost every daily decision, to deal with the crisis of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. I too have been greatly challenged and have made a painful decision to close both the Earley Wellness Group practice and my office in Dupont Circle.

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5 Ways Acupuncture Can Help with Treatment for Breast Cancer

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It would be difficult to find a person who hasn't been personally affected by breast cancer in some way. In fact, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes, according to the National Breast Cancer Center. But if you or someone you love has been diagnosed with breast cancer, I invite you to see the amazing healing abilities of acupuncture for cancer.

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A Time to Pause and Reset


Once again, we are putting our practice on hold starting July 18, 2020. We are leading by example. Our deepest hope is that you -- and all who hear that we are taking this action -- heed the seriousness of the situation.

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Juneteenth- Celebrating Freedom!


Happy Juneteenth from Earley Wellness Group! As healers and members of the city's holistic medical community, we join with peaceful protesters here and throughout the world in the movement to advance racial healing!

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