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Administrative Assistant

Nur is a graduate of Trinity Washington University and completed a masters degree in their Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. She earned her bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2013. Nur has always been interested in an alternative medicine approach to accompany talk therapy, and is interested in more holistic healing as opposed to administering or prescribing pharmaceutical medications. Nur is very advocacy driven and interested in working with at- risk youth in the future, creating a safe space that will allow them to express themselves through Expressive Arts therapy, and partner with a holistic setting to give youth a well -rounded opportunity for healing. She is always looking to make a difference, and is hopeful to be able to contribute to the community.

One fun fact, is that Nur has had over 15 years in classical violin training. She was a member of the DC Youth Orchestra Program, and went on to the UMBC Symphony Orchestra. Nur hopes to continue with music and it’s healing aspects as well as other forms of art to allow youth to reach their goals and thrive through their expression of choice.

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